Mar 162012
legolise it

This year, Google’s science fair teams up with LEGO Mindstorms. The Google Science fair, although limited to the younger among us, always generates a great list of good and innovative ideas.

This year, sponsored by LEGO Mindstorms, we will hopefully see some more applications of Mindstorms in the field of science. Sign up is ending the end of this month (for all you that are, or have kids that are between 14 and 18 years old).

There are some really nice projects and videos with background information from this one and previous Science Fairs, on the Science Fair Youtube channel.

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Feb 072012

Iron SkySome of you might have read about this, most of you have probably not.

Iron Sky, an internet crowd-sourced movie, which has taken about 6 years to complete, finally has a date for its premiere.

It will launch at the Berlin International Film Festival this Saturday.

The movie is a Sci-fi comedy created by companies in Germany and in Australia. The funding for the movie has mainly been generated by the community giving its support to this movie, through its website, merchandising store and the use of social networks.

The plot is quite challenging, here’s a summary:


Towards the end of World War II the Nazi scientists made a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity. From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late ‘45 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) on the dark side of the Moon. This base was to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the Earth once the time was right.
Now it’s 2018, and it’s the time for the first American Moon landing since the 70′s. Meanwhile the Nazi invasion, that has been over 70 years in the making, is on its way, and the world is goose-stepping towards its doom.

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Nov 092011

Most of the people who played with computers in the 80’s have played and enjoyed Outrun. Youtube user Amandris published a video of his latest creation. he built a “real world” Outrun game, controlled by Arduino.

Not much more to explain, watch the video and enjoy!

Link: Amandris Via: Microsiervos

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Oct 132011

Mindstorms Pinhole cameraI finally finished the video about the LEGO Mindstorms Pinhole Camera. Because of the latest advances of the Light meter (actually starts to work now) I´ll soon post more details here.

Here’s the video.

More on my Mindstrorms creation here.

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Mar 302011

Finally after exactly 12 months minus one week, my site managed to chew up enough cash to buy myself the Lego mindstorms NXT 2.0 robotics kit.

The experience is great! Un-boxing the set already shows clearly that there are many hours to spend here!

Once I had the software installed (a breeze on windows 7), I had a look at the folder that comes with the box and started on step 1.

The first “exercise” is quite easy and helps to get you acquainted to the robotics part of the kit, connecting the sensors, the servo motors and run a test program.

Then the instructions proceed until you have built a 2 motor tank-like vehicle. This was all done in more or less 30 minutes. The programming was easier as I expected.

In the next steps, the Ultrasonic sensor is attached and it now detects if objects are nearby. After that the shooter is added and in the programming the necessary steps are added to have the tank recognise objects that are close, warn them and if they don’t move shoot a ball at them.

Here’s the result of the first completed build (a total of 2 hours):

Mindstorms First Build


After playing around a bit with the programming I went on to another model for which the instructions come with the box, the humanoid Alpha Rex. The assembly is surprisingly easy and the detail you can open the case (to replace batteries for ex.) very easily with the full model assembled around shows the complexity of the design. Well… no need for words:

Mindstorms Alpha Rex

Next, or NXT, I’ll give it a shot and start building without instructions. I have a couple of ideas I’d like to have a look at and need some practice. After all, it’s been a while since I played LEGO properly!

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Dec 022010


A robot met its end near Coors Field tonight when the Denver Police Department Bomb Squad detonated the “suspicious object,” bringing to an end the hours-long standoff between police and the approximately eight-inch tall figurine.

A bomb squad robot was sent it to examine the troublesome robot before a bomb squad officer, dressed in heavy protective gear, took a turn.


This is taken from the Denver Post. The story sounds too unreal to be true but it is.

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