May 262010

I have been giving come updates on how I managed to move from my free blog hosted at to this one here. Hosted too on a free hosting platform, but without the limitations to the usage of scripts, ads, upload etc. applied by wordpress.

My first attempt included contracting a Wycrest hosting and Domain plan. They have the cheapest offers, and for the size and traffic of my blog, the bandwidth and speed was sufficient. The signup process went smooth. I immediately got an account when PayPal paid the bill. I could log in, to “a system” that showed me as Inactive and I was happily waiting for my domain to be registered (checking whois regularly) and to receive my account ftp/mysql details.

These never came. I waited a couple of weeks, and my patience started to ran out. Since PayPal gives quite some time after a purchase to reclaim your money (a month and a half I believe), I decided to wait for another while. After a month I found I:

  • Tried to call them 3 times, answering machine
  • Sent them 6 Emails
  • Logged 2 support calls

And all that without a word from them! With that, I decided to open the dispute at PayPal. They treated it quite well. They gave the vendor 20 days to respond, which they didn’t. I got my money back now. Without a scratch!

My current setup is now mostly a free one (gotta be Dutch ey!) I bought the domain through and am hosting now, which is, being honest, is not the fasted, but they give me a lot of control on my site.


WyCrest: Stay Away, please do yourself that favour!

Godaddy + 000Webhost: Cheap and decently working solution… (!!Caveats in previous posts)

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May 252010

Just to finish a post I started yesterday, I wanted to explain quickly what went wrong and what fixed it at the end. I’m talking about the problems I had trying to buy my domain with this site hosted on

As posted before, I tried a couple of things. Starting with a masked forward, then a normal forward, then a normal forward with a CName Change in the domain DNS records. None of these options where satisfying for me, for the folowing reasons:

  1. I wanted my blog to show as (masking is great for just the home page, but every click would take you to
  2. I wanted all the posts to show under that name, Ie. Category/Postname (Masking is less great and kind of static…)
  3. I wanted Google, Bing and Yahoo to be able to index my site and all the pages under it (in none of the above way’s I managed to have them detect the metatags or special html/xml pages, this because when masking the domain host provides the website through on of their frames, and without masking they are indexed under the name of the domain

The only way I managed to make this work is registerring a new site with this host, using the already created domain name.

Be patient. it does take a while. The message on the 000webhost control panel said 24/48 hours, but the change came through in 8 or 9 in my case. If you run a wordpress blog, or alike, you might need these hours to start configuring the site on the new hosting space. This has it’s tricks too!

Note: I found that this is how I set it up the first time, but that failed due to a complete lack of patience. I waited for about 12 hours but gave up and started playing with the other options.

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May 242010

I am having quite some issues to link my newly acquired domain to the free hosting space at I can just set it up with masked forwarding, that works, but the results would be that search engines cannot find the site contents as the site is displayed through a frame.

I have tried several options I found online, Editing the CName records, temporary disabling masking for search engines to index it but none works.

I have now tried something else, I have registered a new site at and told it to use the domain I have set-up the domain to forward to the IP of the new site, and the DNS servers of the domain are now set to the ones of

I really hope this works, mainly because I would like google to start indexing links under my domain name, instead of the version. All this however, causes that the domain is lost around the web for the next couple of days, or untill the DNS change is completed and that the domain I already started using and giving out, now points to happy screensavers … :(

Let’s just hope this works, and that the DNS changes for once, go quicker than the 24/48 hours mentioned!

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