Apr 192013

Everyone already posted about this. Google Reader is closing down and we need an alternative. I’ve read about and tried several alternatives that where recommended on different technology/Internet blogs and websites and I now think that I have made my choice: http://www.skimr.co.


This one was mentioned in lifehacker with very positive feedback. Some of the Google Reader features are missing (unread count for example), but that does not necessarily bother me.

Skimr Is a Clean Feed Reader that Makes Skimming Headlines a Breeze

The main advantage is the extremely clean interface that works great, not only on a pc/laptop browser but also on small sized mobile screens. No need to have an app for this one due to this which I think is a big advantage.

Skimr main interface


The final choice for me was between Newsblur and Skimr, but Newsblur had some minor disadvantages. An android app is needed to view things on the phone (one that on my android 2.3 phone is running very sluggish) and more importantly some of the functionality is linked to a premium account.

I’ve tried both for about a week and I am most happy about Skimr. I’ll stick with that one for now in an attempt to minimise the effect of the passing of Google reader a bit more bearable and will let you know if I change my mind.

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