Dec 102012
Litecoin Minecraft Server

On my quest to get some money in Bitcoin, the most established Digital Crypto-Currency, without spending anything I’ve had a look at quite a few options.

I started Mining Bitcoin on CPU, that gave me almost 0 results. After that, I had a look at referral programs and click to earn pages. From there I found Litecoin, a currency with a lot lower value, but aimed at CPU Mining (bitcoins an experiment and Bitcoin, an update). the results are average to bad until Recently.

Recently, because I found, what can be the best way to earn, spend and use the Litecoin currency. If not the best, it is probably by far, the most fun way: A Minecraft Server that uses Litecoins as the in-game Currency of the economic system:

On this server, each block has it’s Litecoin value and can be bought, sold at in-game shops or traded with other players. I have not spent a lot of time playing around yet, but I hope that soon, I’ll be able to tell you more on the practical side of things.

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