Apr 202011

Here are some images from my first self-build Mindstorms creation. Since the first two where done with the instructions that came with the box, I was eager to build something myself.

For some time now I have been seeing images of “Useless machines” out there, and thought I’d build one now I have the proper ingredients.

Some examples:

I’ve added a function to the standard box, which makes it move a bit when you get close to flip the switch.

The machine contains:

  • The Next Brick, which made the box quite a bit bigger than most “useless machines” out there.
  • 3 Servo motors, One to drive, one to open the lid and one to flip the switch. the latter two functions I would have liked to combine, but the motor was not capable of opening the lid, the way I made the lid hinge.
  • 2 Touch sensors to simulate a classic on/off switch
  • The ultrasonic sensor, to detect movement.

I found that building your own design without thinking it through a bit gets you into problems or challenges. I have now downloaded the LEGO Digital designer, a free official LEGO download to see if I can make a draft design first, before I start building.

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  • http://saskview.com/ Brett

    Very cool machine. I’ve added this to my Useless Blog.