May 252010

This How-To is part of the series of Lotus Notes Troubleshooting documents, Part 4 Troubleshooting View Errors

When troubleshooting lotus Notes, in most cases it is advisable that you clear the client cache. This to force the client to reload settings and views from scratch, instead of grabbing it from the cache (where something corrupted might be stored).

The location of the cache file can be found in the notes.ini file in Program Files\Notes(Notes Client Installation folder).

It will normally be one of two places Program Files\Notes\cache.ndk or USERPROFILE\Lotus\Notes\Cache.ndk

The user should browse to the correct location and delete the file. Be aware that this file can only be deleted with the notes client closed.

When you remove cache.ndk it is good practice to also run killnotes especially if the issue with the cache caused the Notes client to crash.

(Killnotes is a tool from IBM, that closes all open notes sessions and processes.)

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that these documents are made from information found online, and experience in a large corporation. This means that the situation you will have to apply this to might be quite different.

The idea behind this however, is to make you acquainted with the most common processes and inner workings of the software.

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