May 252010

Just to finish a post I started yesterday, I wanted to explain quickly what went wrong and what fixed it at the end. I’m talking about the problems I had trying to buy my domain with this site hosted on

As posted before, I tried a couple of things. Starting with a masked forward, then a normal forward, then a normal forward with a CName Change in the domain DNS records. None of these options where satisfying for me, for the folowing reasons:

  1. I wanted my blog to show as (masking is great for just the home page, but every click would take you to
  2. I wanted all the posts to show under that name, Ie. Category/Postname (Masking is less great and kind of static…)
  3. I wanted Google, Bing and Yahoo to be able to index my site and all the pages under it (in none of the above way’s I managed to have them detect the metatags or special html/xml pages, this because when masking the domain host provides the website through on of their frames, and without masking they are indexed under the name of the domain

The only way I managed to make this work is registerring a new site with this host, using the already created domain name.

Be patient. it does take a while. The message on the 000webhost control panel said 24/48 hours, but the change came through in 8 or 9 in my case. If you run a wordpress blog, or alike, you might need these hours to start configuring the site on the new hosting space. This has it’s tricks too!

Note: I found that this is how I set it up the first time, but that failed due to a complete lack of patience. I waited for about 12 hours but gave up and started playing with the other options.

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  • Nathan Zacher

    Just a question, do you have a tutorial on how to effectively switch over to this new domain with the existing WordPress site.

    For example, I have registered through godaddy and currently waiting for it to point to 000webhost

    RIght now I have my wordpress blog setup on 000webhost at

    I am just unsure if I can proceed with moving files and such over already, if I need to export mysql and import to the new etc etc…

    Pickin up what I am putting down?

  • Alex K

    Hiya! I don’t really have a tutorial, but what’s most important ( I guess) is the order in which you do these things. I managed to make it all work when I followed this order:
    – Set-up your domain on GoDaddy (no forwarding or masking) but set it up with the 000webhost DNS Servers. Be aware this might error out for two reasons, their slow server response time or because on the 000webhost side nothing has been set-up yet
    – Backup your blog on 000webhost. their admin front-end has a nice and handy SQL Backup option, and I suggest you backup the files of the site yourself using an FTP Program (FileZilla’s my favourite)
    – Now setup a completely new site in 000webhost. Where it asks you for your account details fill it in like this:

      I want to host my own domain –
      Or, I will choose your free sub domain (recommended) – Leave this Empty
      Choose your password – Well this one’s up to you 😉

    Now it will take some time (up till 48 hours!) for both godaddy and 000webhost work well together (due to DNS replication) but it should work like this (It did for me).
    Good luck!

  • mark

    its way easier than all of this. just take the server ip address when you login to cpanel and add 1 to it (for example would be set this IP to your a name in the GoDaddy Total DNS settings. This has worked perfectly for me on several domains.

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    This article is really 100% on the topic and helpful but I’d very much rather not set up a whole new site. With CMS it’s a pain in the a** configuring all the time.

    Mark’s idea sounds simpler but I couldn’t find how to change the server IP address in 000webhost’s cPanel. Is there such an option? There is nothing called exactly “server IP address” really. There’s IP of the website but you can’t change it, can you?

    I wish it were as simple as putting NS into godaddy’s domain manager (or ‘point your domain (“A” DNS record) to IP …’) and being ready. But it doesn’t work, does it?

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